Our President and CEO, Ken Uchikura, founded Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (PSP) in 1987 with the vision of introducing high-quality PC software technology from the US to Japan. Since then, PSP has localized and released over 100 software and hardware products to Japan and gained the reputation of “Double Byte Specialists.” Not only has PSP been translating and engineering technologies for the Japanese PC/Mac environment, we have also opened the Japanese Market to many U.S. companies in search of greater opportunities.

In 1995, PSP, seeking opportunities in the Internet world, established the Internet Solutions Group; which has since been divided into the Internet Service Sales and Internet Product Sales Groups. In 1996, using Windows NT 3.5 as the solution platform, PSP began hosting and providing development service to U.S. and Japanese companies. Since then, PSP has been adding more services and values to its services, offering Windows and Linux solutions online. Presently there are 30,000 corporate domains being hosted from PSP's data center at Fisher Plaza (KOMO4 News Building) in Seattle, Washington. With services ranging from web application to custom development, PSP directly serves clients' and many OEM partners' software and application needs.

For further information, visit PSP homepage.   http://www.pspinc.com
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